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below you will find a list of holiday hits on lake Maggiore to make the most of your holiday in our wonderful region and its surroundings.


The listed tours can be carried out in total autonomy, without the help of tour guides.They are the result of our experience to present you the best that you can visit during your stay on lake Maggiore.


Each package is built to be done in half a day.


The availability, timetables and entrance prices of the various attractions must be checked directly by the customer.


Enjoy your stay in our spectacular region!

Isola Bella

Starting by boat with the public line service from Belgirate at 09.50 in the morning you can reach Isola Bella (alternatively, you can go to Stresa by car and take the same boat that leaves from Piazza Imbarcadero or choose the taxi boat service).

On the island, you can’t miss visiting the Borromeo palace built in the 1600s (an entrance ticket must be purchased). It excels all over the island. Inside, fine paintings, tapestries, objects and furniture of ancient times. Leaving the palace, you will find a sumptuous Italian garden made of regular geometries, statues, caves and plants from all over the world. Graceful white peacocks complete the splendid setting.



Isola Madre

Starting by boat with the public line service from Belgirate at 09.50 in the morning you can reach Isola Bella (alternatively, you can go to Stresa by car and take the same boat that leaves from Piazza Imbarcadero or choose the taxi boat service).

This is the largest island of the Borromeo archipelago: a true open-air paradise with entrance ticket only. Walking in its English garden, you will discover enchanting views of the lake framed by exotic plants. In the middle of the island there is also an elegant ancient palace, full of objects, paintings and antique furniture.




Isola Pescatori and Stresa

Starting by boat with the public line service from Belgirate at 09.50 in the morning you can reach Isola Bella (alternatively, you can go to Stresa by car and take the same boat that leaves from Piazza Imbarcadero or choose the taxi boat service).

Isola dei Pescatori (or Superiore) is full of shops and stalls selling souvenirs and objects. There is no shortage of restaurants and we strongly recommend that you try the romantic experience of visiting them in the evening (by private boats).

It is a small village made up of narrow streets to be covered on foot. Among the houses, you will discover the little church of San Vittore that rises from afar with its bell tower.

After the visit, you can return to the mainland to visit the town of Stresa.




Alpinia - Mount Mottarone

Starting from the hotel by car, the first stop is the botanical garden of Alpinia, halfway between the lake and Mount Mottarone. In this garden you can enjoy the best view of the Borromean Gulf and its islands and take a walk among the alpine botanical varieties.

After the visit, the second stop will be on the summit of Mottarone (1492 meters above the sea level) from which you can admire the breathtaking 360 degree view of 7 lakes!

Both the botanical garden and the Mottarone can also be reached by a scenic cable car that leaves at the end of the Stresa lakefront (direction Baveno).

For those who want, try the fun-filled monorail slide called Alpyland on top of Mottarone (€ 22.00 for 6 rides).




Villa Pallavicino

A two-minute drive from Belgirate towards Stresa, is the Villa Pallavicino, originally built as a private residence in 1855.

In 1956 the descendants of the family decided to transform the garden into a wildlife museum open to the public: on 7 August, thanks to Lodovico Pallavicino, the zoological park was inaugurated; the fauna was native. Subsequently, there was a very varied zoological complex with species such as seals and penguins. Today, the animals have all been rescued from situations of danger or risk.

Inside the garden there is a playground and a restaurant.

This excursion is strongly recommended for families with little children.




Lake Orta

Starting from the hotel by car by entering the town of “ORTA SAN GIULIO” on your satellite navigator. Once you arrive, before parking your car on the large parking lot, on your left you will find the signs to the Sacro Monte d’Orta, a Unesco heritage site with 21 churches that represent the history of San Francesco. From the Sacro Monte it will be possible to enjoy a magnificent view of the lake and its small island. Going down, take a short stop in the medieval center of Orta and a visit to the island of San Giulio.

At the end of the visit, on the way back, you can stop in Crusinallo in the outlet of the factory of the well-known Alessi brand and buy designer gifts at discounted prices up to 70%.




Lake Mergozzo and Suna

Starting from the hotel, you can reach the picturesque lake of Mergozzo (30 minutes by car). This lake is the smallest in the area and its waters are calm and warm. Public navigation is prohibited and for this reason in the summertime it is used a lot for swimming.

The only town overlooking this lake is Mergozzo. From here, it is possible to see the whole lake framed by the mountains that surround it.

At the end of the visit, you can reach the village of Suna on lake Maggiore and take a long walk on the scenic pedestrian promenade that leads from Suna and reaches Villa Taranto (about 10 km round trip).




Monastry of Santa Caterina del Sasso

Directly overlooking lake Maggiore and located on the Lombard shore in front of our hotel, is situated the monastery of Santa Caterina, which was built in the year 1100.

It can be reached by crossing the lake by public boat departing from Belgirate at 09:50 (10 minutes to arrive at the destination) or, alternatively, it is possible to reach it from Stresa always by boat or again, by car by driving around the lake.

Arriving by boat, the monument you will find in front of you is breathtaking. Once you have climbed the few steps, you can visit the old church or admire the view of lake Maggiore from the very top (reachable via a long staircase or by lift). The visit of the monastery lasts no more than two hours.




Statue of San Carlo Borromeo and Arona

The statue of San Carlo was built in Arona, its birthplace, after his canonization and in honor of the greatness of the Milanese archbishop: for about two centuries it was the tallest statue in the world.

You can climb up to the nose (though an inside staircase) and enjoy a wonderful view of the lake.

After visiting the statue, visit the town of Arona, with the castle of Angera right in front (which can be visited by purchasing an entrance ticket and is reachable by public boat) and with its beautiful shops, restaurants and clubs to enjoy an excellent aperitif and spend a nice evening.




Cannero and Cannobio

Two splendid little towns located near the Swiss border, to be reached by car.

Beware of the car speed: the road is littered with detection systems (maximum permitted speed 50 km / h).




Motor boat rental

On lake Maggiore there are many motor boat rental activities (for the more experienced, even sailing boats) that do not require a license, as they are boats with less than 40 horsepower. They are very simple boats and you don’t need any experience to drive them.

Prices are very different, depending on the rental and the type of boat. Normally the cost for a half day starts from € 100.00 to go up. Fuel is always excluded.




At the beach

Almost all the beaches on the lake are pebbly. Some have a dock from which you can jump into the water. Here are the prettiest beaches:

-Herno Beach, in Lesa: it is a sandy beach which is a 5-minute drive from the hotel. It is equipped with sun beds, umbrellas and a bar restaurant.

-The little public beach of Belgirate, near the boat harbor, it is a free beach with the possibility of renting sunbeds. There is a bar where you can eat, drink or have an aperitif.

-All the Belgirate lakefront is suitable for swimming and there is also a rental point with SUP, canoes and windsurfing.

Our hotel offers all customers a free shuttle service to the beaches of Belgirate, which can also be reached on foot in about 10 minutes.




Wake board and water skiing

A new adrenaline experience? Try a wake board! You don’t need to be an expert: on the first try, you will ride the waves with the board!

There is a Wake board center near the hotel, as well as a water ski center.

The cost is approximately € 2.00 per minute: we assure you that after ten minutes you will be destroyed.

Believe it…




Botanical garden of Villa Taranto

The largest garden on lake Maggiore is 30 minutes by car from our hotel, measuring 160,000 sqm, covered by 7 km of paths. Entrance by ticket.

Inside, you will find curious and magnificent plants and flowers from all over the world.

The garden is a must to visit during the blooming period of the tulips (blooming period available on the website) and, subsequently, during the blooming of the azaleas and rhododendrons… A unique spectacle in the world.




Half day at the market

Below you will find the list of markets that will take place on the lake during the week:

  • Monday morning: Baveno
  • Tuesday morning: Arona (very big)
  • Wednesday all day: Luino (very big)
  • Thursday morning: Omegna
  • Friday morning: Stresa
  • Saturday all day: Verbania (very big)
  • Sunday all day: Cannobio (very big)



Cooking Class

Would you like to learn how to make homemade pasta, focaccia or the very tasty Tiramisu?

We can organize a cooking class session for you. Near the hotel, a chef will teach you all the tricks to prepare your favourite dishes and at the end of the lesson, you will eat what you have prepared.

The courses take place in the late morning or mid afternoon. The cost per person is € 80.00 including meal and drinks.




Wine tasting

From the hotel, a 45-minute drive will take you to Ghemme and Gattinara, the wine growing areas of Nebbiolo, the famous grape variety best known for Barolo.

Immediately at the motorway exit, you will find the grappa (Francoli) and wine (Torraccia del Piantavigna) production plant. Here it is possible to organize a tour to visit the cellars and be able to taste the wine tapped directly from the barrel.

The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and costs € 15.00 per person. A wine tasting is included in the price. At the end of the tour it is possible to visit the shop where you can buy excellent quality wines and spirits.




Cheese tasting

A few minute drive from the hotel, there is one of the oldest cheese refiners on lake Maggiore: Guffanti. The selection and conservation activity born in 1876 has led this company to ship cheeses all over the world.

It is possible to take a guided tour in the brick cellars at a depth of 8/10 meters and discover the secrets of cheeses and their storage.

The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and costs € 30.00 per person. Cheese tasting is included in the price.

At the end of the tour you will find a shop where you can buy extraordinary quality cheeses.





After a trip to Italy, the fashion capital of the world, you can’t go home without buying a designer dress or a stylish piece of furniture.

Below are the main points, in order of distance from the hotel, where you can go shopping:

-Herno: directly opposite the factory, one of the most prestigious shops on lake Maggiore with shops also in London and New York. Renowned brand for jackets and dresses, it produces and sells high fashion clothes at wholesale prices. In Lesa, a 5-minute drive from the hotel (https://www.herno.com/it/)

-Alessi: one of the most prestigious Italian brands for design objects for everyday use and furnishing objects. You can enter the factory directly and purchase products with discounts up to 70%. In Crusinallo, 30 minutes by car from the hotel (https://alessi.com/)

-Outlet in Vicolungo: an open-air outlet with 150 shops where you will find everything: from food to chocolate, home furnishings, appliances and clothing of all kinds. In Vicolungo, 45 minutes by car from the hotel (https://vicolungo.thestyleoutlets.it/it)




Hundred valleys and Lake Maggiore

In one day it is possible to visit the valleys that separate Switzerland from Italy and all of Lake Maggiore. By purchasing a single ticket, you will arrive in Switzerland by train and return to Stresa by boat.

Leaving from Stresa, by train you will reach Domodossola. Once you arrive at the station you will get on another train that connects Domodossola to Switzerland. Halfway before arriving in Switzerland it is possible to hop off and visit the sanctuary of the Madonna del sangue located in Re.

From Re, it will be possible to catch the train to arrive in Locarno.

From Locarno the boat will leave towards Stresa. In approximately 3 hours of navigation you can see many villages on the lake from another perspective: the boat will pass Ascona, the islands of Brissago, Cannero, Cannobio, Verbania and the Borromean Islands.

For more details, please visit the website and consult the timetables with departure by train and return by boat to Stresa.



Scooter or ebike rental

In the recent years, fashion has led to the birth of new businesses, among which we put scooter and electric bicycle rental under your attention.

It is possible to rent a Vespa 125 and use it by two people, but a car license is required. With this vehicle you will discover the lake from another point of view, being able to stop without hindering the traffic.

It is also possible to rent e-mountain bikes and see our woods and mountains even without being trained, immerse yourself in the tranquility of the woods and, with a little effort, get to the less busy viewpoints.

The Chestnut path and Stresa

Leave the hotel and immerse yourself in a walk in the woods to reach Stresa passing by our “old church” built in 1400 and admiring the splendid views of Lake Maggiore.

The route can be done in about 3 hours and will take you directly to Stresa.

And for the return?

From Stresa it is possible to return by different means of transport: bus, train, but the best is the boat!




A day dedicated to shopping in the most fashionable streets of Milan, a visit to the Last Supper of Leonardo, the Duomo and the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery, the canals, the Brera Art Gallery, the museums, the Sforzesco Castle …. there are many things to do and visit in Milan. Here are some suggestions for a day around.

Leaving the hotel by car to Lampugnano, after 50 minutes you will arrive in a huge parking lot from which you can take the red subway towards the center.

First stop is San Babila Square. From here you can reach Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga. Here you can easily meet footballers, VIPs and see supercars parked on the side of the road. These are the streets with the most prestigious shops in Milan, even non-shoppers will be amazed by the shop windows.

Walking through the galleries of Corso Emanuele II you will arrive at the Duomo of Milan. You can visit it for free or, by buying a ticket, you can climb up to the roof and admire the wonderful panorama. As a second option, right in front of the Duomo, there is the Rinascente, one of the most refined shopping centers. Climbing up to the top floor you will have a wonderful view over the roof of the Duomo.

Next to the Duomo you will find the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II where you will find many people standing in front of a mosaic with a bull …. try to find out why!

From the Duomo, along Via Dante you will reach the Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione. From here, taking the red line towards RHO FIERA and getting off at the Lampugnano stop, you will go back to the parking lot.





Turin is located near Lake Maggiore. Here are the two options for visiting Turin:

-by train. Arriving at Porta Nuova station, you can visit the Egyptian museum which, after the Cairo museum, is the largest in the world. In Turin, a visit to the Mole Antonelliana and the museum of cinema cannot be missed.


-by car. You can reach the hunting reserve of Stupinigi, a splendid palace from the 1700s with its wonderful gardens.

This is a unique visit to a complex originally created for hunting, which the nobles used for parties and celebrations.

In case there is time left and you would like to visit something else, near Stupinigi there is the palace of Venaria Reale, an imposing building that has just been restored. Here you will find the splendid hall with a black and white checkered floor. The debutante ball is celebrated in this hall every year





Toce waterfall and Orridi of Uriezzo

An hour and 40 minutes by car from the hotel, you can visit one of the highest waterfall in Europe: the Toce waterfall.

From a distance, arriving by car you can admire it. It is possible to walk at the foot of the waterfall and cool off with the cool droplets of the water. Once the walk is over, you can drive up to the top and admire the jump of the river and the panorama of the Ossola valleys.

But be careful: the waterfall is not open all day, so you need to consult the website to check the times.

Once the visit is over, you can decide whether:

-to continue by car, park and visit Lake Morasco (created by a dam) and Lake Castel, two splendid alpine lakes.

-to return by car and stop to visit the ravines of Uriezzo (in Premia): a very suggestive mini canyon created by the slow digging of the water.




Alpe Devero and Ossola Valley

One hour and 40 minutes by car from the hotel it is possible to visit the Devero, a fairytale place that offers wonderful views in every season with its Lago delle Streghe and Codelago.

Arriving at the parking lot, you will find all the indications to reach Crampiolo: in just over an hour’s walk you will arrive in a mountain village where you can eat or buy cheese and products made from mountain milk.

From Crampiolo you will find the signs for the little Witches Lake 15 minutes away, with its emerald waters.

Starting from the lake, in 40 minutes you will reach the dam of Codelago. From here it will be possible to admire the splendid panorama and the sapphire blue waters of the lake. We recommend that only the most experienced ones take the tour of the lake (about 2,5 hours). For the less experienced, just a walk along the shores.




The Aletsch glacier

In nearby Switzerland, 2 hours and a half by car you can reach the Aletsch glacier, the longest in Europe. A unique place for mountain lovers. From here it will be possible to admire 32 mountains over four thousand meters in the background.

By entering the town of Fiesch in the satellite navigator, you will reach the parking lot from where the cable cars depart to reach the paths.

We recommend that you study the routes and the stops in advance as there are many different combinations and in Switzerland the cable cars are very expensive.




Zermatt and the Matterhorn

In nearby Switzerland, after 2 hours and a half by car, it is possible to reach the renowned town at the foot of Mount Cervino (4478 mt) called Zermatt.

Driving for 2.5 hours you will arrive in Täsch where you can park and catch the cogwheel train that will take you to 1600 meters in Zermatt. Once there, you can stroll through this typical mountain town, where there are no cars, but only horse-drawn carriages.

If you would like to visit the mountain, you can take a cable car to reach the altitude and get closer to the Matterhorn.




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