The Dal Pozzo marquises, who later became Dal Pozzo della Cisterna, were a family of the Piedmontese nobility that originated in the 15th century by Giacomo Dal Pozzo.

Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo della Cisterna, exponent of this noble family, was Queen of Spain and Duchess of Aosta.

The coat of arms of the family depicts two dragons holding a well and making sure that the water inside never becomes cloudy (Turbida nunquam).

The name ``Casali della Cisterna`` comes from the surname of the Princess Luisa Dal Pozzo della Cisterna (1806-1867), who in 1827 was given the large property as a wedding gift from her husband, Duke Ferdinando Arborio of Gattinara, count of Sartinara and Biandrate.

The hotel is located in the large estate now called Villa Claudia dei Marchesi Dal Pozzo.

The property has been divided into two entities: the Relais Casali della Cisterna and Villa Claudia.

The villa was intended in the past (and still today) as the summer residence of the Dal Pozzo marquises, while the two buildings from which our hotel was created were the homes of the gardeners and the sailors who once worked for the Dal Pozzo family.